Regarding:New Taipei City Archaeology Festival

Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology is the first archaeology museum in northern Taiwan. The objective is to exhibit cultural or historical relics at Shihsanhang, convey relevant archaeological knowledge, promote relics education and preserve culture heritage. The museum host “New Taipei City Archaeology Festival” every April to promote interactions between international and local museums and academic institutions. The festival also utilized vivid courses and workshops to promote public archaeology. It has become one of few archaeology oriented culture festivals in Taiwan and a brand activity in New Taipei city. This is the only platform to experience life in ancient periods while empower the museum to expand the impact to preserve culture heritages.

New Taipei City Archaeology Festival is the largest archaeological carnival in Taiwan. Since it was inaugurated in 2012, the themes covered public archaeology, flora and fauna archeology, environmental archaeology, archaeology education and collaboration with agencies from various professionals. The horizon of participants also was expanded from professional museum staffs, parents with children, to preschool children, young generation to senior citizens. Invited institutional participants including domestic and overseas professional museums, foreign agencies in Taiwan, Academia Sinica, Anthropology department and Cultural and Creative department from universities, and competent authorities of national historic site. Schools and public agencies from New Taipei city, and art performers. Through cross discipline collaboration, New Taipei City Archaeology Festival has become the platform to promote archaeology education.